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KOCO Schools' Teacher Ambassadors Program Aligned With Indonesia's Government Goals

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Plenty of discussions and never-ending discourse in Indonesia focused on how do we improve the education system, how do we deal with the lack of technology infrastructure, and how do we encourage students' participation in class. But we forgot and barely talked about the model as a whole - this is called pedagogy. We conducted a poll through our social media platforms and shockingly, there are 61% who don’t know what pedagogy is, either.

Pedagogy is a learning model that enhances engagement with students in the classroom through intellectually challenging projects and works. Students won’t tell you that curriculum is what they need the most, but instead tell you that experience and insights are what matters the most to them. Pedagogy shapes a model of great learning and teaching. And so do we, KOCO Schools.

Aside from providing a School Management System as an answer, we want to build a dynamic and ever-changing relationship for teachers and learners. The idea is that we are empowering teachers to build and control the learning space while students are coerced to absorb and experience as much information and activities as possible.

Our commitment to critically engaging with pedagogy as part of the practice is visioned in our program namely KOCO Schools Teacher Ambassador. The ambassadors aim to prepare and share the pedagogy skill set for other teachers every week through different topics.

We’re selecting 5 out of 67 talented teachers through the selection process. Those are coming in from different cities and regions in Indonesia including Jakarta, Tangerang Selatan, Yogyakarta, and NTT. They’re not only teachers but also highly adaptive individuals with different backgrounds. We gathered them as one, to help us create a praxis of engagement and reflection for other teachers.

This program is noticed by the ​​Ministry of Religious Affairs in Yogyakarta. They featured one of our ambassadors through their website - showing us how this program needs to be addressed because academics need space to develop themselves and enhance their pedagogy competencies as a teachers.

The enthusiasm and positive feedback helped us to focus more on our attention in pedagogy. We believe teacher training needs to be more centred around pedagogical practice. With this, we can make a transformative learning experience easier for learners and teachers.

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