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Inspiring Edtech Female Founder Lenie Chow

We are proud to announce that Lenie Tjakrawinata Chow, our founder, has been nominated into the SuperCharger Ventures directory of inspiring and influential Female EdTech founders.

SuperCharger Ventures is the first EdTech accelerator dedicated to both early-stage and growth-stage startup companies to fuel their global expansion.

Being nominated and recognized in this directory is a huge achievement and milestone for Lenie and for KOCO. Lenie continues to lead and inspire - this is just the start of KOCO with so much more to look forward to.

"I am humbled and very blessed to be surrounded by the more magnificent women founders around the globe. KOCO is a children-first organisation that has pledged a 50/50 board (of equal genders).

Research by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has proved that better gender diversity improves board effectiveness in the form of improved monitoring, enhanced decision-making, formulation of more balanced policies and more.

Together, KOCO remains hopeful that the initiatives today will pave the way for the next generation to give our little sons and daughters equal opportunity to break glass ceilings. - Lenie Tjakrawinata Chow."

View the full directory here:

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