KOCO Schools and Yayasan 1000 Guru empowers teachers equality in Sumba

KOCO Schools continues to resonate with the vision of #NoChildLeftBehind in every aspect of decision making. KOCO Schools is committed to promoting education equality – starting from the strongest framework, the teachers. We strongly believe that the quality of education depends on the quality of teacher competencies.

We’ve partnered with Yayasan 1000 Guru, an organization that promotes youth to help in teaching and connecting with students across Archipelago. Our goal with Yayasan 1000 Guru is to reach teachers who need our help most.

We’ve helped two teachers in Sumba Timur by providing additional teaching fees for the next three months.

We understand that many teachers in Indonesia are earning low salaries. Despite that, teachers have a myriad of tasks to do. From drafting lesson plans, assessing students’ competencies, creating tests and grading them, and other administrative works. This is very common as manpower is not enough.

Low teacher salaries with lots of to-do lists are one of the factors why the quality of education is not improving. Through our #NoChildLeftBehind initiative, KOCO Schools equips teachers to bring optimal teaching experience by providing the tools needed and also with a development program. With a steady pace, we are confident to unlock potential like never before.

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