Initiative to Foster Education Equality, KOCO Fund Teachers Empowerment Program in NTT – Indonesia

As said by our founder, Lenie Chow, KOCO is determined to reimagine education and push the envelope to inspire change, one child, one teacher, one family, and one community at a time. We are valuing this not only by words but through action.

In collaboration with Teachnspire, KOCO is funding teacher empowerment programs in rural areas in Desa Oseana, NTT, Indonesia. Three issues in the area include:

    1. High dropout rate
    1. Disintegration between the value of education and community mindset
    1. And the necessity of education that is contextual with their culture

The program is initiated to empower teachers in delivering contextual learning content to locals. The expected outcome is to increase the students’ participation in school.

There are a total of 50 teachers involved from different schools – ranging from kindergarten to senior high school. Guided by trainers and facilitators, the teachers go through a four-day training and implementation program. In 4 sessions of different workshops, participants are asked to actively reflect, evaluate, design, and give feedback to each other.

KOCO’s initiative to fund the event is our action – to actualize our long vision to “Create Tomorrow’s Learning Community Today” and to foster education equality in Indonesia.

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